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The kidneys clean toxins out of the blood. They filter about 150 liters of blood per day and produce approximately one liter of urine. Renal failure occurs when the kidney filtration rate drops to 15% or less.

The patient must receive a transplant or begin dialysis. There is a huge need for accessible renal replacement therapy. In countries such as India and Pakistan, barely 10% of those in need, have access to the lifesaving treatment.


Inspired by this real world issue, I have focused on building a simple and highly affordable dialysis machine designed for use in the developing world.  In order for anyone in need to benefit from the treatment, I sought to reduce the cost of the machine. Such a device has the potential to help make this lifesaving treatment accessible in impoverished countries. The average home-hemodialysis machine typically costs $25,000, whereas this new version costs less than $500 to produce.


Clinton Foundation Health Matters Initiative Panel Discussion


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  1. I’m a UK renal transplant patient, and (former) equity analyst by background. I was on dialysis (CAPD; contracting peritonitis 5 times, leading to canula replacement) for 20 months back in the early 90’s, and have been watching out for breakthroughs ever since. I am eternally grateful to my donor and his family, hugely indebted to medical innovators out there, and so incredibly lucky to be living in a country where dialysis is available to all. If I can help in any way, please let me know, and very, very good luck with everything.


  2. Hello and congrats for your project and your award at the Dobson Cup !

    MEDTEQ is the Quebec Consortium for Industrial Research and Innovation in Medical Technology. We finance collaborative research between industry (you !) and academia. We are funded by the government and by the industry.

    See our website here:

    Do you need to develop your techno with other indutrial partners (who could later become your client or distributor…) or validate your prototype in a clinical context ? We can help !

    Do not hesitate to contact me and we’ll meet/phone soon. Email or 514-398-9772 #259

    Francois Bergeron


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